New Moon
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Open Since 03/13/17
Codebase TinyMUSH
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Head Staff Thriller & Macabre
RP Level All Levels Welcome
Playerbase Small & Growing
Theme Werewolves (Original Mythlore)

Since the founding of their town, the werewolves of Pleasant Cove have been keeping watch. Abundant with stretches of untouched national forests and rocky, rolling beaches, Pleasant Cove is one of just a few pearls left in a slowly expanding urban jungle. But there’s something about Pleasant Cove that sets it apart from the rest. There is an unmistakable, supernatural energy that hums beneath the earth here, and it calls to anyone open to hearing its siren song. No one is sure what it is that makes the area so potent in mystical power, but it draws the supernatural like moths to a flame.

Not all creatures are as willing to coexist with humans as the werewolves of Pleasant Cove, a fact that has left many dead and missing from the area over the years. As the werewolves strive to live peacefully in their town, they find themselves facing many problems drawn to the area, from cursed objects to witches, vampires and other cryptids, all bent on taking the town, and its power, for themselves.

New Moon is an original werewolf setting where the wolves of Pleasant Cove fight against outside forces that would see them dead and their town taken. Between everyday life and keeping the town and its borders safe, the werewolf community must also keep themselves secret. Politics, packs and family life are huge focal points in this setting, along with the struggles of keeping the town safe from other creatures of mythlore.

We are not a World of Darkness setting, but we welcome any and all who love the werewolf genre and enjoy active, story driven gaming. We draw our theme from settings such as Bitten, Wolfblood, Dark Shadows and of course, Wolf Lake.

Additional Details

We are a new game looking for creative and active people interested in exploring the world of the supernatural. We are currently looking for:

  • Werewolves (Born & Fostered)
  • Wolfkin (Half-Human/Half-Werewolf)
  • Humans (Knowing & Unknowing)

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