There was a time, in the mid to late 90’s when text Based RPGs were at an all time high. A evolving hobby fit for writers to immerse their creativity into player created worlds where they could lose themselves in plot hooks, character relationships, and theme development.

Unfortunately with the introduction of WoW and various other pay to play games, the online community of text based RPG is at an all time low and resting on the edge of extinction. It’s a sad time for those of us that remain dedicated to our writing muses.

In hopes of salvaging and rebuilding the world of text based gaming we and friends have pulled together to reintroduce themes across the internet to the public in hopes of gaming back to the basics and offering publicity where needed.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for games (new and old) to advertise as well as a place where players and staff alike can seek help when needed from the rest of the Mu* community.

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